Does the Slylash really work?

Yes, it does! The Slylash utilizes an ancestral Latino lash curling technique which has been used by Latinas for many years. As far as anyone knows, the technique began with thin metal spoons, and no one really knows when it started, but it is well known among latinas to be safe and effective. Those who master the technique are able to achieve dramatic and incredible results r which no other curling method is able to replicate. This is one reason why we claim the Slylash to be "the best way to curl your eyelashes".   

How is this thing going to curl my eyelashes? it looks kind of weird.

This is likely the case with most of the world's new inventions. Imagine people's reactions nearly 100 years ago when they first saw the traditional eyelash curler. Also try to remember your own reaction when you first saw it, probably as a child. The important thing to remember is that the Slylash, like all other tools, has a purpose to fulfill, and it is designed in such a way that it can fulfill that purpose.

Will this tool pull out my lashes?

No. Although it is important to apply pressure while using the Slylash (and some individuals apply a lot of pressure to get an amazing curl), it still does not compare to the intense pressure and pincer grasp of the traditional curler, which can and frequently does rip out eyelashes. Furthermore, the technique employed by the Slylash is different. If done correctly, the Slylash will glide smoothly over the lashes without pulling on them at all. Don't be alarmed if you occasionally see an eyelash fall out. Eyelashes shed and fall out naturally about every 3 months,  and even slight manipulation can cause an old one to fall out. Lastly, even if you use the Slylash incorrectly and tug directly on your lashes, no person in their right mind is going to pull hard enough with their fingers to rip out their lashes. 

Am I going to poke my eye using this tool?

You can use the Slylash with your eyes open or closed. If you are concerned about poking your eye, use the Slylash with your eyes closed. It is just as easy and effective. 

Is the Slylash durable?

The Slylash is made of a very strong, durable, and flexible plastic, and each one is tested for quality before being sent out. The Slylash should last for at least several years. If your Slylash is defective or breaks easily, contact us at and we will refund you or send you another one. 

How long does the curl last?

Some individuals who use the Slylash have claimed that the curl is longer lasting. One woman claimed that her eyelashes still had some curl 3 days after using it. It is our opinion that a round curl lasts longer than a kinked curl. We also acknowledge that everyone's lashes are different, and that this is likely to vary from person to person, and from one mascara to another. 

Am I going to get a sty or some other kind of infection from having my hands close to my eye?

All eyelash curling tools and techniques require objects to be placed close to the eye, and as such all of them carry this risk. Of all the eyelash curling tools on the market, the Slylash is probably the easiest to clean and sanitize. Wash your hands before using the Slylash, and sanitize it frequently to minimize this risk.  

It looks difficult to use

All eyelash curling tools require care, practice, and precision. Some individuals have an easier time than others learning the technique. If you have spent time practicing and are still unable to get a curl, contact us at, or send us a facebook message, and we will provide additional coaching.